Well I really do neglect this site but it is essentially just to provide me with some hosting space and emails so not a loss.

Currently sat squashed into my dining room with half the living room furniture in with me, we’re having a log burner fitted. This is not to save the planet by not consuming as many fossil fuels but simply just as they’re nice, produce massive amounts of heat and cheap to run when you get logs for free. Pissed off with paying a fortune for gas so hopefully this will help and should pay for it’s self within a year or so. Just a mess and pain while it’s going on but they’re cracking on well and making a great job.

3 Responses to FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Log burners rock. Wish I had one.

  2. Saving money and the planet at once is always great. Now where’s the coal mans number ;0)

  3. Aye they’re great, suppose I should post an update.

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